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The Old Texas Fiddle Vol II, 2015, Featuring Charlie & Nancy Hartness, Brendan Doyle, and Virginia Musser. Reaching back to old sources, these 22 rare and unusual tunes from the Lone Star state redefine Texas fiddling. 

This recording is now avialable on Bandcamp.

The Old Texas Fiddle Vol II

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  • 1.     Lady in the Center
    2.     Blue-Eyed Susie
    3.     Sally Johnson
    4.     Rabbit Hash
    5.     Porter’s Reel
    6.     Fire on the Mountain
    7.     Old Joe Clark
    8.     Chicken Reel
    9.     Duck Creek
    10.   The Scolding Wife
    11.   Wolves in the Wood
    12.   Unfortunate Puppy
    13.   Long Summer Day
    14.   Copper Springs Blues
    15.   Skeedaddle
    16.   Stumptown Stomp
    17.   Waterloo
    18.   Kitty Crankie
    19.   The Lost Girl
    20.   Black Jack Grove
    21.   Johnny Walk Along With Your Paper Collar On
    22.   Old Paint

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