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The Spotted Pony, 2016, DVD and CD, tunes from Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and other parts of the midwest including several Tricia learned from her grandfather and some passed down in Howard’s family from his great-grandfather. All artwork and design by Howard & Tricia. Filmed and recorded by David Bragger at the Old Time Tiki Parlour in Los Angeles.

The Spotted Pony (Bandcamp)

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  • 1. Apple Blossoms
    2. Hooker’s Hornpipe
    3. Mace Bell’s Civil War March
    4. Ida Red
    5. Eeph Caught a Rabbit
    6. Mississippi Snagboat
    7. I Could Never Love Another Girl Like That
    8. Sundown
    9. Woodchopper’s Reel
    10.  Bonaparte’s Retreat
    11.  Dew Drop Waltz
    12.  Marcyes’ Quadrille
    13.  Louisiana Traveler
    14.  Some Pretty French Girl
    15.  Roll Them Simelons
    16.  Brilliancy
    17.  Goodbye My Little Devas
    18.  Old Booker
    19.  Fur Trader’s Reel
    20.  Urban Philo’s Waltz
    21.  Pretty Little Girl with the Blue Dress On
    22.  Spotted Pony

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