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A new recording that draws on Texas' vast repertoire of hoedowns, marches, waltzes, blues, cotillions, and jigs. The final installment of the "Texas Trilogy" features 21 tracks of music, liner notes, and sublime folk art.

The Old Texas Fiddle Vol III

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    1. Campbells Are Coming 

    2. John Booker 

    3. Gold Rush 

    4. The Blind Man 

    5. Lost Indian 

    6. Get Your Boots

    7. Morg Williams’ Cotillion

    8. United States Marine March 

    9. LeaRay Wolf Chase (1,027 Dogs)

    10. Cattle in the Canebrake 

    11. Clear the Track

    12. Billy in the Lowground 

    13. Old Crippled John

    14. Great Big Taters in Sandy Land 

    15. Go Home With the Girls in the Morning 

    16. Where the Dogwoods Blossom, on the Dogwood Trail, in Anderson County, Texas, Where I Was Born 

    17. Mace Bell’s Civil War March 

    18. West Texas Blues 

    19. Winding Sheets 

    20. Darkness on the Delta 

    21. Where is My Gray Horse? 

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