Spencer & Rains in Mother Jones

"These two fiddlers have found their groove and it is rich."

Bob Buckingham, Fiddler Magazine

"Rains has established himself as an authority on old Texas-style fiddling."

Michael Hoinski, The New York Times

"The Old Man and The Old Woman is an Old Time Music gem."

Ernie Hill, No Depression

"Thanks to Howard and Tricia for reminding the world what traditional fiddling was like at dances and social gatherings on the western frontier, before the old styles were swept away by modern jazz- and swing-inflected contest fiddling in the latter part of the 20th century. They preserve the music of their families and of their homes (Texas and Kansas) with love, dedication, and skill."

Brad Leftwich, Old Time Fiddler

"In these times when fiddlers can draw on every imaginable style and repertoire of music, Howard Rains and Tricia Spencer are that rare thing–contemporary musicians who have chosen to carry on the traditional music of of their own region. They have brought beautiful, nearly forgotten fiddle tunes learned from older generations and older times into the twenty-first century, and they play them with with skill, authenticity, attention to detail, and feeling."

Bruce Greene, Old Time Fiddler

"Both continue to dig deep musically."

Rus Bradburd, Fiddler Magazine

"I know I’ve found a GREAT disc when I find that I am playing it over and over in my rotation and having to pick up my instruments and play along."

Dan Levenson, Banjo Newsletter